Arbitrations, Mediations, Settlement Conferences, Trials

Our experienced adjusters know how to navigate through the most complex litigation issues. They accept ownership of the claim and partner with our client’s attorney to attend all types of judicial hearings. Our team achieves excellent results by working closely with our client’s attorney to prepare the most persuasive arguments to either settle or successfully defend the claim. The adjuster will have a clear understanding of the involved issues as they relate to either negligence and/or damages. Often times our adjuster can provide meaningful information about a particular jurisdiction or about the parties involved in the specific litigation.


Integrion Group adjusters are highly skilled negotiators with keen instincts regarding when to press forward or terminate the negotiation process. Our adjusters will create an effective negotiation strategy that will achieve the most successful possible outcome. We have expertise in the following lines of business:

  • General liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Residential and commercial property
  • Automobile physical damage
  • Personal and commercial automobile bodily injury
  • Medical and legal malpractice
  • Cargo


We successfully service a wide variety of clients through our vast knowledge about insurance markets. Our clients include:

  • Insurance carriers
  • Self-insured companies
  • Public entities
  • Tribal entities
  • Government agencies
  • Car and truck rental

Integrion Group has a service network throughout New Mexico to provide you service where and when you need it.

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