We make the difference on property and liability claims.

Whether for a single-car accident or catastrophic claims, full adjustment of property and liability damages requires solid fieldwork. Integrion Group has experienced adjusters who work to reduce claim cycles and payouts. Your company gets the benefit of our longtime affiliations with service providers, where and when you need them. Complex claims are our specialty.

Experience makes a difference. The members of the property team have been preparing appraisals for more than 20 years for both commercial and residential structures, while the liability team members have an average of 15 years of experience for both litigation and non-litigated claims.

Our property and liability clients are:

  • Insurance carriers
  • Municipalities and public works
  • Other government entities
  • Tribal authorities
  • Self-insured corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Third-party claims agencies in other states

Property Claims

We understand the wide spectrum of claims.

Our property claim adjusters are extremely skilled with preparing quality and timely repair estimates for both residential and commercial property. Our professional business relationships with statewide building contractors and related vendors are what set us apart from our competition.

Commercial claims: We adjust claims due to all covered causes of loss, from fire to flood.

Special Investigations: Arson and fraud investigation are two of the services we offer.

Subrogation and salvage: We identify and pursue opportunities for maximum cost recovery.

Settlement agreements: Our adjusters are skilled negotiators that deliver optimal claim results.

Liability Claims

We are your fact finder.

Integrion Group’s liability claims force works with (but is not limited to) the following complex causes of loss:

  • Personal and commercial automobile
  • Trucking and cargo
  • Product liability and recalls
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Sexual harassment and abuse
  • Excessive use of force and wrongful shootings in law enforcement
  • Liquor legal liability

We are dedicated to reducing your claims costs.

We apply the following strategies:

  • Red flag Investigations where there may be fraud
  • Partner with industry recognized vendors
  • Arbitrate inter-company cases
  • Negotiate Settlements
  • Subrogate for maximum cost recovery
  • Comply with your company’s claims handling guidelines

Integrion Group has a service network throughout New Mexico to provide you service where and when you need it.

Contact Jessica M. Armijo, Senior Business Development Associate, today for more information on our services or call her at (505) 291-4974.