Workers’ Compensation Claims

Early intervention in workers’ compensation claims can deliver expedited, lower-cost resolutions. Close monitoring of medical services, a swift return to work, and claim review for subrogation opportunity keep costs in line.

Integrion Group provides you an integrated approach that maximizes the opportunity to achieve the best outcome possible or a tailored program to provide your organization the business insurance solutions you need to manage your risk. We have the flexibility to utilize our client’s Claim Management System or our own comprehensive Claim Management System.

We get the worker back to work.

The road to recovery should be as short as possible for carrier, employer and worker alike. Our experience makes a difference. Our workers’ compensation adjusters have an average of 10 years experience adjusting New Mexico workers’ compensation claims. Getting from here to there requires a team that has the resources and experience to:

  • Manage medical and rehabilitation cases
  • Investigate claims and fraud
  • Quickly analyze damages and set proper reserves to reflect injury severity

Our experienced adjusters professionally handle every facet of your worker’s compensation claims – and we customize our program to meet your needs. We can:

  • Refer cases to our provider network or yours
  • Use our nationally recognized vendors or yours
  • Provide a complete integrated services approach or a menu of services to select from
  • Investigate in-house or in the field

Our medical case managers keep you in the loop.

Any breakdown in communication among carrier, employer, worker or medical provider can turn an average worker’s compensation claim into a problematic one. We use a 3-point system of contacts with all interested parties – so that expectations are clear, goals are reasonable, and outcomes are as straight forward as possible.

Our medical case-manager nurses:

  • Triage to prioritize medical claims from routine to catastrophic
  • Employ aggressive early intervention to fast track back-to-work
  • Conduct in-person utilization reviews and report to you
  • Adhere to Official Disability Guidelines to ensure that physicians are using recognized standards of treatment

We are dedicated to making sure you do not pay any more than you should. To that end, we work diligently to:

  • Red-flag and investigate cases where there may be fraud
  • Partner with industry recognized medical review vendors
  • Arbitrate inter-company cases and negotiate settlements
  • Subrogate for maximum cost recovery
  • Adhere to your company’s claims handling guidelines

Integrion Group has a service network throughout New Mexico to provide you service where and when you need it.

Contact Jessica M. Armijo, Senior Business Development Associate, today for more information on our services or call her at (505) 291-4974.