New Mexico Legislative Update 2023

In New Mexico, there are two types of Legislative Sessions. Even numbered years are focused on passing a state budget for the coming fiscal year. Odd-numbered years like 2023 bring an extended legislative session full of proposals, bills and budgets.  This year’s...

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How the HFCWO Therapy Can Benefit Your Injured Workers

 Mucus is essential for bodily functions. The purpose for our mucus is to provide a protective and moisturizing layer, keeping our organs from drying out. Also, it is a trap for irritants, contains bacteria and bacteria-killing enzymes. When a person over produces...

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Meet Integrion Group Nurse Case Manager Christy

Christy is passionate about helping injured workers return to a healthy state and have the ability to return to the work place. Her extensive medical knowledge and ability to communicate provides her customers with exceptional outcomes. In addition to getting referral...

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Integrion Medical Case Manager Spotlight

Diane has been a nurse for over 11 years. Her experience includes Long Term Care as well as orthopedic injuries. She is passionate about assisting injured workers to get the care they need to return to work. She provides exceptional outcomes due in part to her...

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