Privacy Policy

Since 1965, Integrion has remained committed to delivery SERVICE EXCELLENCE to and maintaining the TRUST that clients place in us to help them protect their organizations and manage their risks. Our clients expect us to appropriately use and protect Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) when they purchase claims and risk management services.

Integrion has prepared this Privacy Policy to help our clients and stakeholders understand how we may collect, use, disclose and secure PII in accordance with applicable legal requirements. All individuals as well as affiliated and non-affiliated third parties with access to PII of former and current Integrion clients are required to follow this Privacy Policy.

Integrion reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time-to-time and will send current clients the most recent Privacy Policy.

Personal Identifiable Information or “PII”

Integrion collects PII that you provide us that is necessary to transact our business, deliver services and comply with legal requirements.

Such PII, collected in hard copy, electronic or other form, may vary depending upon the particular products or services that we provide to you under the applicable contractual agreement. For instance, PII may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Information received concerning claim handling such as a claimant’s name, occupation, employer, social security number, driver’s license information, non-public personally identifiable health (“PHI”) or financial (“PFI”) information or Trade Secrets;
  • Information related to your business transactions with us, any prior insurance companies or employers such as coverage, claim information, premiums, damage or loss reports, and payment and claim history;
  • Third-party reports such as motor vehicle records, claims reports, property inspection reports, medical reports and demographic information relative to your product or service; or
  • Other PII required by our business operations and information to assess your needs as they relate to our products and services.

PHI means non-public personally identifiable health information collected, held or transmitted in the performance of our contractual obligations with clients. PHI may be used or disclosed solely for legitimate business purposes related to health care matters as permitted by law.

PFI means non-public personally identifiable financial information collected, held or transmitted in the performance of our contractual obligations with clients. PFI is non-public information that includes, but not limited to, credit history, financial benefits, business records, accounting information involving the client, contracts in which the client is a party, claims which the client is a party to, client’s policy information and any other data of a client that is financial in nature.

Trade Secrets includes our policies and procedures to collect, process and disclose sensitive PII only if required to comply with legal or contractual obligations or with client consent.

How does Integrion use PII?

We collect, use and disclose PII with respect and concern for your privacy. We do not disclose any PII about our clients or former clients to anyone, except as permitted by law. Integrion does not sell client information to others.

We use PII to conduct our business, to manage and analyze claims, to ensure proper billing and servicing of your account and to provide clients with information about their products and services. PII is shared on an as-needed basis or as otherwise required by law. In certain situations, we will share information about clients with:

  • Government entities or law enforcement agencies as required by law;
  • Affiliate companies or third parties, if reasonably necessary to assist us to provide clients with services, to fulfill client requests or business transactions that relate to our claims management products or services, or solely to provide us with contractual services;
  • Credit reference, fraud prevention agencies or other related third parties such as insurance companies, insurance support or rate advisory organizations or loss adjusters to detect and prevent fraud, waste or abuse or to detect criminal activity;
  • Individuals to whom a court of competent jurisdiction requires disclosure under an order or subpoena; or
  • Legitimate and necessary individuals or entities to protect the health and safety of our website users or the general public in the event of an emergency or major business disruption.

We may disclose information about clients to third parties that perform services on our behalf to better serve clients. We require each company acting on our behalf to comply with this Privacy Policy and implement controls to protect confidentiality.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural controls to limit access to PII to those employees or authorized individuals for legitimate business purposes.  Such individuals are required to maintain the confidentiality of PII and comply with this Privacy Policy.

We will not use or disclose PHI for any purpose other than contracted claims or risk managements services, as permitted by law or as otherwise disclosed to clients when such information is collected. Under no circumstances will we share PHI for marketing purposes.

We may receive confidential domestic abuse information as part of obtaining medical information for claims or risk management services that we provide. We will not use such information as a basis for denying a claim or restricting benefits. Any client or claimant who is a victim of domestic abuse may notify us to access or correct such information, request a full notice or additional implementation of confidentiality controls of location information.

We will re-affirm this Privacy Policy annually in writing as long as you maintain an on-going customer relationship with us.

Independent Insurance Producers

Independent insurance producers (e.g., agents, brokers, etc…) authorized to sell insurance products or services are not employees of Integrion. They are nonetheless subject to this Privacy Policy as it relates to information pertaining to our products and services. However, as they may have an independent business relationship with a client, they may have additional PII about a client that we do not have and may use, process or disclose PII differently. We encourage clients to contact their independent insurance producer to learn more about their privacy policies, practices and controls.


If you have any questions about or regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at (505) 293-6600 or write us at Integrion, 5201 Balloon Fiesta Parkway NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113.

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