Our Mission & Values

At Integrion Group, striking the right balance between the needs of our clients and claimants is the starting point for all we do. We go to great lengths to serve as responsible stewards of our clients’ resources, adhering strictly to the guidelines they provide. At the same time, we pull out the stops to deliver the compassionate care and services our claimants need. It’s all about doing the right thing for those who count on us—and it’s a way of life here.

Mission Statement:

To deliver Service Excellence in claims adjusting, third-party administration and medical case management through customized, effective and innovative risk-management solutions that help our client-partners realize optimal success.

Vision Statement:

To be the trusted industry choice for risk management services in the Southwest region.



We are dedicated to SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

  • Consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, community and each other.
  • Actively listen, define expectations and continuously build relationships.
  • Demonstrate that no job is too small.
  • Perform with a sense of urgency. Exhibit dedication, enthusiasm and passion.
  • Solve problems to overcome barriers to exceptional customer service.


We believe TRUST is essential.

  • Deliver on our promises through transparent, ethical and respectful interactions with our customers, community and each other.
  • Always do what you say you will do.
    Establish and communicate clear expectations.
  • Contribute constructively and candidly.
  • Consistently act with honesty and integrity.


We proudly take OWNERSHIP of our mission.

  • Embrace personal responsibility and demonstrate commitment to the long-term viability, success and growth of New Mexico Mutual.
  • Hold yourself and others accountable for behaviors, actions and results.
  • Lead by example by offering solutions and following through.
  • Think like an owner ensuring that all resources are managed in a responsible and effective manner.
  • Take the initiative to be informed and inform others.
  • As a steward, take responsibility for the ongoing sustainability of the Company.


We are ONE TEAM.

  • Work together to deliver a seamless, high-quality customer experience.
  • Share agendas, objectives and expertise in a collaborative manner.
  • Create an environment that values diversity of thought and background.
  • Include others affected by a decision.
  • Give positive feedback, recognize contributions and celebrate team success.
  • Take initiative with customers outside area of responsibility.


We embrace BOLD thought and action.

  • Anticipate the needs of the market by embracing innovation with swift, confident actions.
  • Learn new methods and grow from successes and failures.
  • Use information technology and best practices to exceed industry standards.
  • Demonstrate creative thinking to challenge the status quo.
  • Relentlessly pursue knowledge in all areas of workers’ compensation insurance.

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