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Careful management of medical claims is the shortest route back to work. Integrion Group’s nurse case managers oversee the worker’s path from injury through treatment and rehabilitation. Personal attention to each claim balances proper medical care for the claimant with cost control for your company. Our focus on swift resolution of workplace injuries assures you of lower medical, pharmaceutical, rehabilitation and lost-time payouts.

We get the worker back to work.

The road to recovery should be as short as possible for the carrier, employer and worker alike. Getting from here to there requires a team that has the resources and experience to:

  • Manage medical and rehabilitation cases
  • Determine causally related injuries
  • Red-flag claims that might be fraudulent
  • Reserve proper amounts
  • Identify subrogation opportunities

Our medical case manager nurses:

  • Have an average of 20 years of nursing in areas like emergency care, internal medicine, orthopedics, pain management and neurology
  • Triage to prioritize medical claims from routine to catastrophic
  • Employ aggressive early intervention to fast track back-to-work
  • Conduct in-person utilization reviews and report to you
  • Know the occupation and duties of the injured worker
  • Adhere to Official Disability Guidelines

We control your costs.

Our adjusters and nurse case managers use industry-preferred vendors when needed so that you don’t pay more than you should:

  • Pharmaceutical prescriptions, medication monitoring and drug testing
  • On-the-job recovery programs
  • Chronic pain management
  • Reduction of permanent disability cases

We customize programs for your company’s specific needs.

We can:

  • Refer cases to our provider network or yours
  • Use our nationally recognized vendors or yours
  • Provide complete services or just the ones you need
  • Investigate in-house or in the field

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